Laziness Devotional: Friday, March 18

Begin with prayer.

Read Proverbs 26:13-16.

Verses 13-15 humorously mock the foolish sluggard.  Verse 13 reveals that the lazy person will do anything to get out of work.  Does that describe you?  Verse 14 displays the lazy person as foolishly staying in bed without any concern for the urgency of life.  Could you sleep the day away?  Do you see that as foolishness?  The Bible does, is that convicting?  Verse 15 humorously shows the lazy person as having enough strength to start something, but never finish it.  Does that describe you?

The problem with the person that is lazy is they always have a reason why they can’t be diligent in their work, is that you?  The sloth is “wise in their own eyes” without any regard for others, does that describe your attitude in regards to life?  What gives the lazy person to have an opinion about anything if they are unwilling to contribute?  

Pray that you will grow in the wisdom of the Lord.