April 10, 2016 Sermon Excerpt

All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus and His brother (1:14).

The disciples were obedient, they were devoted to prayer, and they were together with one accord.  These early Christians were joined together, community was vital.  With all that they had experienced following Jesus and were experiencing together in prayer in that Upper Room they needed each other.

Do not think you can go through life alone.  One of the worst things we can do is isolate ourselves from one another.  Or think that we don’t need people in our lives.  

There’s a hip-hop artist named G-Eazy who’s song “Me, Myself, and I” has been on the Billboard charts for a number of weeks (270 million plays on Spotify), so it’s obviously striking a cord with people. The song is an anthem for promoting self-centeredness and making it through life on your own:

"Oh, it's just me, myself and I, Solo ride until I die. 'Cause I got me for life. Oh I don't need a hand to hold. Even when the night is cold I got that fire in my soul....."

At the close of the song G-Eazy exclaims that what carries him through life is the music.  As idyllic as that sounds it’s not reality.  I love music, I’ve always loved music, but when I’ve been at some of the lowest points in my life I needed people, Godly people, not a fresh beat.  And you know what, when I’ve had some of the most amazing moments of my life, I needed people to share them with.  

We need Godly, Jesus loving, people in our lives. 

We need to be community people.