December 13 Sermon Excerpt


Faith involves movement.  There are days when it is just a struggle to get out of bed in the morning. There are times when you pull into the driveway after a long day and the last thing you want to do is engage your wife and children.  There are moments when you just can’t handle something else falling apart in your life.  Faith involves trusting in God, that even in the midst of the brokenness, pain and the mundane things of life He is at work.

Martyn Lloyd Jones was noted as saying, "There is nothing which so certifies the genuineness of a man's faith as his patience and his patient endurance, his keeping on steadily in spite of everything."

Ruth had a genuine faith and she kept walking toward the Lord “in spite of everything.” A genuine faith that keeps moving toward Jesus causes us to take risks in life.  Ruth took several huge risks, didn’t she?  She was a foreigner, an outsider in a land that would not have welcomed her as a Moabite woman.  Let me go to the field and glean among the ears of grain…she told Naomi.  Ruth took a risk that was guided by faith.

Faith is all about risk, it is stepping out into the unknown, trusting and hoping that God is not only present, but active in life.   We try so hard to avoid taking risks in our lives, yet nothing is certain, there are no absolutes, everything in this life is a risk.  

Listen to John Piper wrote in his small book Risk Is Right, “Risk is woven into the fabric of our finite lives. We cannot avoid risk even if we want to.”  Risk is a good thing.  In the life of the Christian, it shows trust and faith.  Ruth had to take a risk.  I have to take risks and so do you…  It is difficult to walk by faith if our lives are scheduled and perfectly calculated.  

Risk for the sake of Jesus, for knowing Him, for growing in Him, and for glorifying His name!  Ruth kept walking in faith and took a risk by going out to a field to care for herself and her mother-in-law.