January 31 Sermon Excerpt

I cannot say it any better than Alistair Begg, “Would anyone choose Hell over Heaven? Yes!  Why?  Pride…They don't want to admit they are a failure, that their life is a mess.”

Pride will harm us and if left unchecked, like Herod, it will kill us.  Sounds dramatic , but its true.  My big idea through the sermon has been, pride is deadly because it causes us to believe we don’t need God in our lives. 

So… Every time we choose a certain sin the sin of pride is present as well. Why?  Because in that moment we’re trusting ourselves rather than God, we are saying to Him, “I know better than you God.” 

All of us struggle with pride.  None of us are immune.  We pray.  We read the Bible.  We believe in Jesus.  We hear the Word preached.  Yet, we make decisions and live our lives willfully ignoring Jesus…pride.  Like Herod, we’re perplexed by the Bible, Sunday worship and sermons, but we still choose sin…pride.  We need Jesus.

You see, each of the seven deadly sins has a virtue or an antidote attached to it.  The antidote to pride is humility.  C.S. Lewis notably wrote, “Humility is not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less.”  Herod thought much of himself.  

Here’s the key think less of yourself and more of Jesus!  Growing in humility comes by surrendering our lives to Christ and then resting in His love and grace.  As we do that the Holy Spirit grips our hearts and minds and leads us to Truth rather than sin. 

Practically, if you want to work on getting pride out of your life, start each day in prayer (even if for a few minutes).  Pride will die, closeness to Jesus will come and humility will grow as we pray each day these three things:

  1. Be dependent on Jesus.
  2. Be thankful for Jesus’ work on your behalf. 
  3. Be submissive to Jesus with your day.

All of us need less of ourselves and more of Jesus. Jesus was always humble, never proud. Because humbled Himself and died on the Cross we’re able to be reconciled with God, forgiven of our sins and given eternal life.  His humility saves us and enables us by His power to crush our foolish pride!  Here is a beautiful truth, “Pride cannot live beneath the cross” (Charles Spurgeon).  As we follow Jesus our pride will die.

Pride may be deadly, but not to the cross.  It’s at the cross that we’re given life.  Surrender your life to Christ.

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