November 1 Sermon Excerpt (Part B)

There are many preachers and writers that have promoted grace and rightfully so, but they have then in turn made the law of God the enemy.  The enemy in this life is sin, not the law of God.  Our theology, what we believe about God should be shaped and grounded in the Bible, not one verse, but the whole Bible. 

The law is not the enemy.  Sin is…  And that’s why we need Jesus.  

So for the Christian what is the point of the law of God?  The law convicts us of sin. The law points us to Jesus.  The law shows us what is pleasing to God.  To this one, do you remember what Jesus said in John 14:15: If you love me, you will keep my commandments.  

You see, grace and the law are not opposed.  Both are gifts from God and both show us the absolute necessity of Jesus Christ.  But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.  You are no longer bound to the law, you have been set free from the oppression of the law because of the inward working of the Spirit.  The law does not save us, but it helps us as we grow in the Christian faith. 

We could never be saved by the law because of our sin.  But, that doesn't mean the law is evil.  We are saved by Jesus who was completely obedient to the law.  He was perfect, we're not, but as we surrender our lives to Him, His perfect righteous becomes our righteousness...  So as we live in the Spirit we fulfill the law, God's law. 

The law isn’t the enemy, sin is.  

Without the law, there would be no Jesus, and without Jesus we have no grace, and without grace we have no access to God and we remain in sin.  It's always about Jesus...