Who is Paul Landeene

Paul Landeene, Pastoral Intern

Paul Landeene, Pastoral Intern

Four of Paul's 9 Siblings

Four of Paul's 9 Siblings

Where were you born?

Richland, Washington State. October 15, 1992.

Explain a little bit about your family?

I'm the 8th born of 10 kids! 5 boys, 5 girls, 2 sets of twins. The best part of being in a large family is all the laughs and adventures we have at every family reunion.

What is your favorite type of food?

MEXICAN! Muy Rico! 

You’ve been in CT for almost a month, what do you like so far?

I like the directness of the people I've met, the small towns, the cooler weather, and the close proximity to New York City and Boston. But, the people and community of Cornerstone is the best part!

What excites you most about ministry?  And specifically working with young people?

When people's hearts and lives are changed by Jesus in a way that the joy of the Lord can be seen in their lives. Only then will the light of Christ outshine the darkness in the world! 

For young people, I love it when they go from a place of performing to please God, to having a new affection for God.  I know between the work of Jesus and the movement of the Holy Spirit, this will happen at Cornerstone! 

How has God moved in your life in the last year?

By giving me contentment in Him alone, not in my circumstances. I'm so glad he gave me this contentment before the job offer at Cornerstone, so that my heart could rest in His presence alone, and not in the "safety" of job security.