Communion: Dinner With Jesus

The Lord’s Supper is the sign of Christ’s presence among His people and of their unity in Him. 

The Bible teaches us that Jesus gives Himself to us in the Lord’s Supper. Physically, Jesus is located at the right hand of the Father in heaven, so there is no transformation of the bread and wine into His physical body. On the basis of Scriptural teaching, the church determined at the Council of Chalcedon in 431 a.d. that Christ’s humanity is not mingled with His deity, so that it cannot be spread out over space. Thus, in the Lord’s Supper, the Holy Spirit communicates Jesus to us, and makes us present to His person in heaven, but Christ does not come to “hide” in the bread and wine.

The Lord’s Supper is dinner with Jesus. It is the meal we take with God on the Lord’s Day.  Sadly, the church has either surrounded the Lord’s Supper with superstitions, or else neglected it... But if we understand the great gift that God offers us when He invites us to His house to worship and dine with Him, we will not neglect the sacrament of Holy Communion.

The unity of the church is a unity in Christ. The Lord’s Supper seals that unity to us in that we all feed on Christ, and thus are all together made partakers of the same body.

The Lord’s Supper always acts upon us when we participate in it. When we receive it in faith, we derive benefit and nourishment from feeding on Jesus Christ.  Join us this Sunday (10am), June 19 at Cornerstone Church in Clinton, CT as we celebrate the Lord's Supper.

Adapted from "The Importance of Communion" a devotional post from Ligonier Ministries: