In the next three years Cornerstone will saturate the 10 mile radius (click here to see the map) that surrounds the church with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Within this 10 mile area there are over 80,000 people, most of whom have no relationship with the church, or with God.  This is our Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria (Acts 1:8) and the people in these communities need the hope, grace and love that comes from Jesus Christ.

We believe that God-exalting worship changes lives.  Therefore our worship gatherings will include singing and prayer that helps us to remember God’s Word, respond to His goodness and grace, and remember His glory.  Without the centrality of the Bible in worship, our worship would fall flat.  People are transformed by the living and active Word of God.  We preach expository sermons that reveal the greatness and glory of God in all of life.

We are committed to reaching these individuals through personal interactions and relationships. Each person at Cornerstone engages in countless daily conversations at work, school, and other facets of life with people who are spiritually confused.  We will, by God’s grace, model a genuine relationship with Jesus in our spheres of influence.  As we live our lives as missionaries for Jesus, we will invite them to the Cornerstone worship services, community groups, or other programs where they will have the opportunity to hear and experience the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.  

Therefore, our primary witness to our neighborhoods and communities will not be through an outreach program, but with who we are as active and engaged disciples of Jesus.

In order to saturate this 10 mile area with the Gospel, we must be a people-driven movement in every neighborhood that will exemplify the Gospel in how we live, work, and serve.  Community groups will be vital in reaching our neighborhoods and building Biblical community.  As we grow in Him, engage in Christian community, and serve the shoreline, God will be glorified, and life-change will occur.  

We realize that in order to reach our communities for the glory of Jesus we must have an unwavering commitment to children and youth.  If we neglect raising up the next generation for Jesus, we will stunt the growth of Cornerstone, but even more the growth of the kingdom of God.  

Finally, we are dedicated to in the next three years launching a second Cornerstone campus on the shoreline. While this may seem audacious, new churches are often the most effective forms of evangelism.  As we launch this new campus, we will be strategic, placing it within close proximity to where people live, shop, work, play, and go to school.  This campus will be in a neighborhood where followers of Jesus see themselves as missionaries sent to reach people with the life-changing of Jesus Christ.

We are eager to see the towns, neighborhoods and individual lives within the 10 mile radius of Cornerstone be changed for the glory of God. As Gospel-centered change occurs, restoration of the culture, community, and the shoreline will be inevitable!