We are in the process of praying and diligently planning where Jesus is leading us as a church.  Your responses to this brief survey will help us tremendously in discerning how to care for you and reach the shoreline for the glory and sake of Jesus Christ.  

Please fill out this survey to the best of your ability. We appreciate your time, and we're so blessed to have you as a part of our family!

Mission statement

Connecting people to the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

The Strategic Plan

Over the last few months, we have engaged in focused prayer, Bible reading, and personal meetings discerning the will of God for Cornerstone Church and the shoreline of Connecticut.  Simply, God has strategically placed Cornerstone on the shoreline for His glory, and for the sake of the people whom He loves.

As we have prayed and sought God's direction, the Holy Spirit has revealed why we do what we do as a church... It's simple: life-change.  Cornerstone exists so that people's lives will be changed!  That they would be set free from sin and live their lives for the glory of Jesus!  

After the why, comes the question of how?  How will we accomplish life-change?  Through Sunday morning worship, community groups, and Cornerstone Cares (our local and global mission team).  

Finally, what will be the means to accomplish life-change along the shoreline?  Cornerstone, the church, the people, and our God-given mission (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8).  Life-change will occur personally as we grow in relationship to Jesus through prayer, Bible reading, worship and pointing others to the Lord.

Before completing the survey Below Please read the mission statement and Brief description of the strategic plan above.

The Survey

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