#21prayers……January 14 - February 3


#21prayers is twenty-one days of intentional prayer and fasting that is designed to focus our attention on Jesus.

Whether you pray everyday or you can't imagine where to begin, we encourage you to join us on this journey.


It's not the strength of our faith, it's the object of our faith that changes things.

Along with the #21prayers we encourage you to join us in fasting for twenty-one days. Every person is different, so choose to fast from what is healthy, safe and wise for you.


Prayer and fasting when done together aligns our hearts and minds to God.

What can you fast from?

  • 21 Day Full Fast: Liquids Only (consult your physician)

  • 21 Day Daniel Fast: Fruits, Vegetables, Water & Juice Only

  • 21 Day Lunch Fast: Fast Daily From Lunch

  • 21 Day Media/Activity Fast: Refrain From One Or More Time-Consuming Activities

  • Create Your Own 21 Day Fast



Download the Cornerstone 21 Day Daily Prayer Schedule

Follow Along with the 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting Guide (available at the info center or download)

Fasting for Beginners - Desiring God

Prayer for Beginners - Desiring God

Journey Through the Lord’s Prayer with The Prayer Course

We invite you to use the hashtag #21prayers to share your journey over the next twenty-one days!