31 December, 2018

Dear Church Family,

As we close out this year, I wanted to make sure I had the opportunity to communicate to you how grateful I am for your part in Jesus’ work here at Cornerstone.  I am writing this letter on New Years Eve, overwhelmed and celebrating for all that has happened over the last year at Cornerstone! Here are just a few highlights:

-The church grew by 35%.

-We celebrated 22 baptisms in 2018.

-We moved to two services in September.

-Two additional staff positions were added.

-We hosted three concerts with prominent Christian recording artists.

-Celebrate Recovery was added for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction.

-A partnership with a school and church in the Dominican Republic was established.

-Thousands of dollars were given to support individuals, organizations and ministries.

There is so much more that I could include, but by God’s grace, it would literally fill up pages! Every week, I receive notes, emails and text messages from people that have experienced life-change through the ministry and mission of our church. 

As we proceed into 2019, I invite you, first, to pray that God would continue to bless the ministry and mission of our church. We are looking forward to greater things (John 14:12-14). Second, I would like to challenge you to give of your time and resources. God will honor your sacrifice! Finally, make 2019 amazing by staying connected to community. Attend on Sunday mornings. Get involved with a CREW. Serve on a ministry team. We need each other! 

Thank you so much for doing your part at Cornerstone! I am incredibly thankful to serve as your pastor. May God bless you this year! Thank you

Serving Christ, 

Pastor Darren