How To Be The Church

When we look at our diverse experiences with church we’re often left wondering what to do. We can look at our stories like my story back to the church or other people’s experiences. We can look at what to do in the hard places. And all of that helps. Yet we’re still left with a question: How to be the church.

I’ve thought back on all my experiences and those of people I’ve talked with. I’ve read parts of the Bible and books about the Church. My honest answer to the question of how we can be The Church is probably one you’re not going to like. I say that because I don’t like it sometimes.


We are an imperfect group of believers, and it will stay that way until our wedding day as Bride of Christ in heaven. If we’re imperfect, that means we are going to mess up. Sure, we’re going to get parts right, but we’re going to get a lot of parts wrong too. We’re going to misinterpret, lack understanding, make mistakes, and hurt one another. It’s inevitable. But that doesn’t have to be the only part of our story.

As imperfect as we are as human beings, we are still part of this beautiful body of believers.

We are The Church. No matter how much of a mess we make of it. Our status doesn’t change. That leaves us with the choice of what to do with that mess.

If we can be humble. If we can confess our sins. If we can forgive. All of these things will make it easier, but it still will not solve it all.

The only way to be a healthier, more whole version of The Church is to bring all that we do to the foot of the cross. Nothing we do in our own strength will be enough to earn our status.

We can have services and outreach and mission trips. We can have ministries and bible studies and conferences. These are all good and Godly things. But if we do them without God we will never be walking in the fullness He desires for His Bride.

The best way to be The Church is to love Him and love others. Yes, that looks messy sometimes. Yes, we will get it wrong. But when we love Him first we are constantly bringing our broken pieces to Him to be loved, forgiven, and reminded of how to love one another.

There is no perfect way to be The Church because we are not perfect. Choosing Jesus in our imperfection is the answer. Always.

*This post is from Rebecca Hastings, Christian, wife, mom, writer, blogger, and women's ministry extraordinaire. Becky has been attending Cornerstone for several years with her husband and three kids! Please check out her blog for more: