Sermon Snippets: 19 August 2018

Believing in Jesus always leads to belonging to Christian community. And belonging happens when we choose to give ourselves away.

Belonging happens not when the community accepts us, but when we’re willing and able to commit to the community, serve the community and do whats best for the community. That promotes unity. And unity is vital to the health of a church.

Our culture screams, “Think about yourself first. Do whatever makes you feel good.” But that’s the problem isn’t it? When we only think about and for ourselves, we’ll eventually be left by ourselves.

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less." Tim Keller

In order for a Christian community, like ours, to thrive we need to pursue humility. We need to pursue Jesus. We need to let go of selfish ambitions. And we need to sacrifice our own interests for the interests of others.

People are drawn to kindness and repelled by unfriendliness.

When we're patient with people, it shows that we value who they are more than what they can give us.

Bearing with one another in love means that we are letting go of our own personal rights for

When we’re patient with people, it shows that we value who the sake of the people that we love. Love means that we care enough to care.

Are you prideful? Pursue humility. Are you harsh? Display kindness. Are you agitated? Seek patience. Are you indifferent? Learn love.