Sermon Snippets: 9 September 2018

We envision Him sitting on His throne in heaven.....high above our lives....marveling at His creation, but with no idea of who we are and what we’re going through.

Does He see our unhappiness? Our joy? Why does He seem so absent and unconcerned? Can we believe in a God that seems so far off?

Over the next few weeks we’re going to look at an incredible story that is found in the Gospel of John that will, hopefully, reveal to us that God is real and active in our lives.

In John 11 there is a story about Jesus and his friend Lazarus. Jesus appears to be late, but He couldn’t be because.... God is always on time.

Now Jesus loved Martha, her sister and Lazarus (11:5). Let me stop there. Jesus loved this family. The word “love” that is used here isn’t the philia love that we might expect, the one that Martha and Mary used in their message.

Jesus loved Martha, Mary and Lazarus with agape love, the love that is unstoppable, sacrificial and forever. Jesus had that kind of love for this family and guess what, for all of us.

Lazarus was suffering and his sisters were mourning and Jesus chose, He chose, to do nothing. Why would He wait? Why would He stay where He was for two more days? Why didn’t He do something?

Jesus communicated to the disciples and He’s communicating to us two things here. First, God moves on His time not ours. It was time for Jesus to go back to Bethany not only to perform an amazing miracle, but also in preparation for His arrest, death on the cross and eventual resurrection.

And second, if we’re following Jesus we have nothing to fear. He is the light of the world and that breaks into the darkness of this world.

Waiting on God’s timing grows our belief in Him.

God is never late. And God’s timing is always perfect.