We believe God designed each person for community. It’s unlikely that we will cultivate deep and meaningful relationships if all we do is attend the Sunday worship celebration. We encourage everyone at Cornerstone to take the step of being engaged in a CREW.

CREWS are small communities of eight to twelve adults that meet every other week in a home or local restaurant. Each time your CREW meets you’ll hang-out, talk about the Bible and how it relates to every day life, pray and encourage others to draw closer to Jesus. CREWS are vital to our growth in the Lord!

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While CREWS are an excellent place to get connected with other people and develop meaningful and Godly relationships, we understand that there are times that you have questions that in order to grow you need answered.

We have are in the process of developing Cornerstone Classes. Don’t worry we’re not taking you back to school! Cornerstone Classes will help answer some questions like: What is the difference between the Old and New Testament? How can I share my faith? Is there a way I can really get out of debt? And more!

We hope to develop for you an ongoing collection of classes that can help you navigate through different seasons of your life, to find freedom, and to walk in the path that God has planned for you!

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